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An effort to give life to the dead that is our community =)

So the band is going back to school and the problem we're having is that nobody... NOBODY seems to want to read this book- Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I've not spoken with anybody who's actually finished it. Maybe people just die before they actually get to that point. We'll write a friggin song about it- "Zen Doesn't Like Me Anymore" haha, ok, Less Than Jake song.... hehe... no? Oh well, at least I tried.
I also thought about turning whatever it is I wrote in my profile into a song, and because I wanna change up the prof. I'm gonna write it in here yo:
look at you
you miserable fake
dreaming of sun-filled days
you play your music loud
so angry and unsure
waiting for God to speak
your life is just a child's game
trying to hide from the silence
such an awful, pregnant silence
that relentless cold that surrounds you
a self-dug hole too comfortable to climb out
You're too heartless to cry
too cold to love
expecting too much
yet unwilling to act
so you sit; you sigh
you rot; you die
I'm you; you're me
and there's nothing to fill the void

It'll get switched up so it flows better, but this is just the preliminary inspiration... you know how that goes =)
Peaceness, tell me what you think, and also try and answer the question- can we ever be truly unique if we buy our food from the same place?
I think we have to be able to make our own clothes and grow our own food to be totally self-sufficient and original, but that's just my screwed up early morning thought.
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