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Infinitesimal Existence

So AIM is officially dead on my computer, but hey- I'm coming home tomorrow. Anybody up for an outing after school Thursday or Friday? Holla at me yo; FINISHED ZEN!!!! Now I'm halfway through Bone and it's not as bad as I had let it seem (once you learn to accept that he's a screwed up pothead =) ). I'll leave you with a fun attempt at a song-

Shallow breathing
Mind is seething
Wanting anything but this
Frightened dreaming
Wake up screaming
Something deep has gone amiss
Panicked crying
All too trying
to pacifically* live
My blood will seep
I need the sleep only a bullet can give

How's that for uplifting? I blame the books we're reading- very little to be happy about (if you've read the afterword to Zen; I swear I almost cried). On a positive note, T and I are gonna have 2 classes and lunch together, so the band will be something less than hypothetical =). I heart you kids

~Steppe (what the hell, everyone else calls me it; I might as well accept it)

*Pacifically implies passive-ness; this is not an idiot's attempt at "specifically" (ok, maybe it's an idiot that's attempting, but I know that of which I speak)
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