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a few album reviews because i'm bored

dashboard confessional a mark a mission a brand a scar

this new dash cd is so nast. i can't even listen to it. the "new" version of hands down makes me sick. but whatever-the masses like it. i do quite enjoy number 3 'as lovers go'. it's sweet or something. the harmonizing by the drummer is a little eh but still enjoyable. carry this picture for luck frightens me...i have the first cut of this song on my computer for a bit and quite honestly i thought it was a joke. alas it is not. 5 sounds john mayerish which of course is scary. that may be the direction he's heading and it scares the poo outta me. i enjoy the drumming on 7. its like a wimpy tbs with that whole double singer thing. except it's him both times. haha. 8 is typical dash. hey girl... is good grief the name speaks for itself. 12--no chris no 13 is looooong and that's all i have to say about that

thrice artist in the ambulance

i just bought this a few days ago because a friend told me to. and i was extremely skeptical at first cuz i haven't really liked thrice in the past. but i got it and i like it. short review. i mean it's not my favorite but it definatly turned me onto thrice.


im not really a fan of senses fail but maybe they'll grow on me cuz i like this song. dadada i have most of these cds so whatever. but finally... somebody has hard evidence that tsl sucks big bootay live. nobody believes me but they will after they hear this. sorry you kenny you really do have a pretty face. the unreleased something corporate song is pretty good. it made me smile
and i don't like nfg so that unreleased song of course did not make me smile. hidden in plain view is excellent by the way. yay for them.

and lastly hot hot heat make up the breakdown

what bad could i say about this???
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